Our Services

Don Luchetti Construction, Inc. is licensed in the State of Florida as:

Underground Utility  (CUC049485)
Excavating Contractor (EX59)
Certified Class V Fire Protection System Contractor (967303-0001-1996)
Professional Surveyor and Mapper Business (LB7749)
Professional Surveyor and Mapper License (LS5069)

Primary clients include government, commercial, and private sector developers.

We provide all aspects of site development including the following:

  • Clearing and Earthwork
  • Underground Utilities
  • Storm Drainage
  • Water Main
  • Fire Main
  • Sanitary Sewer – Gravity & Lift Station
  • Force Main
  • Paving & Parking Markings and Signage
  • Curbing & Sidewalks
  • Surveying / Certified As-builts

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